Last 5 days! with the project “Good shopping, have a night”

Last 5 days left!!!!
With the project “Shop Dee Mee Back”, when you buy a Black Hole mosquito trap, you can bring a full tax invoice to submit a tax deduction of up to 30,000 baht!

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Measures to shop well and have a return.

– Products that do not participate in the measure, shop well, have a refund.
These are alcoholic beverages, spirits, beer, cigarettes and goods that are not subject to VAT, such as vegetables or fruits, meat.
bagged rice, etc.
– Able to request a full tax invoice to reduce income tax Individuals in 2022 according to actual purchases, up to 30,000 baht
The conditions for receiving a refund depend on the tax rate of each individual person on the payment date only.
– People who are entitled to the welfare card of the state and those who participate in the program are half each This right cannot be used.
– Please check additional conditions. which is in accordance with the policy set by the government

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