1. Choose a product

You can view the product form through the store's website. After selecting the desired product, press the “ADD TO CART” button to complete the order.

2. Check the shopping cart

– You can check or edit the number of products you want to order in the shopping cart.
– For those who have a coupon code, can enter the discount code on the shopping cart page.

3. Fill in the delivery list. and choose a shipping method

– Fill in the details of the delivery location and complete contact information
– Select the desired delivery method

4. Choose a payment method.

– Pay by bank transfer
View payment method

5. Confirm your purchase

– Confirm your purchase by clicking on the button "PLACE ORDER"
– When your purchase is complete The system will email the order details to your email address.

6. Confirm payment

– Confirm payment For those who transfer via bank
– After the payment has been made through a bank account. You can notify the payment here to the Confirm payment
* After confirmation of payment The order will be complete. The product will be delivered to the address provided by the customer.