Carbon dioxide odor generator mimics human breath. Will this cause more mosquitoes to enter the house?

Normally, the smell of human breath will attract mosquitoes into the house, so the black hole mosquito trap will reduce the number of mosquitoes in the house. Mosquitoes will fly to meet the plane before it meets people. the machine will work “Protect you 24 hours a day”

The fan is not powerful. Can it really suck mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes will be lured and flown into the machine "voluntarily". If the wind is too strong, the mosquitoes will not dare to approach. Repeatedly causing noise annoy the user

Is this kind of mosquito catcher dangerous for people? especially with young children

Absolutely safe for users and small children. because no chemicals are used to get rid of mosquitoes

Does the mosquito catcher really work? Why do you turn on the device and still get bitten by mosquitoes?

The smell of people's breath is stronger than the smell from the machine. If the machine is turned on in the area next to the person Mosquitoes will choose to fly to bite people instead of flying into the plane. An effective way to trap mosquitoes is It should be turned on all the time, especially when people are not around. to reduce the number of mosquitoes if no machine The number of mosquitoes will be 2-3 times more than before.

Why is the lamp and fan not working?
  1. Check the plug and socket. including fuses and circuit breakers
  2. Check that the switch is in the On position.
When normal power on, the lamp works but the fan doesn't work?

Unplug and check for any foreign matter, dirt, or insect residues. After that, clean according to the topic. "cleaning"

When the power is on, the fan works normally, but the lamp doesn't work?
  1. If the lamp is loose, fix it by checking whether the lamp is in the correct position or not. If it's not correct, move it.
  2. The bulb is broken, fixed by replacing the bulb according to the lamp replacement procedure.