Black Hole

Leading mosquito trap brands

Intelligent innovation that mimics the smell of human breath. to lure mosquitoes into the machine With this special feature, Black Hole differentiates itself from the general mosquito trap that is 100% safe for humans and protects the environment. without releasing toxins or any residue


Chemical-free, smoke-free, suitable for home use and safe UVA light.


Powerful Whisper-Quiet Fan Vacuums Insects. Do not disturb people while sleeping

Easy to use

Energy-saving, consumes only 30 watts of power, is compact and can be easily moved as appropriate.

Protect your loved ones from mosquitoes.

with Black Hole mosquito trap

  • Prevent malaria
  • Prevent dengue fever
  • Prevent elephantiasis
  • Prevent chikungunya
  • Prevent japanese encephalitis

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